4 reasons why your website needs to be secure

What does this even mean?

HTTPS is a way to encrypt the information you send over the internet. This protects website users from hacks and attacks that result in someone stealing the information being sent, like credit card or login information.

Until now, HTTPS connections have generally been used for websites that contain sensitive information, such as credit card or personal info, but recently all websites have been making the switch from HTTP (unsecure) to HTTPS (secure).

The main reason for the switch is Google.

They decided it was best for all websites to use encryption, so they updated their Chrome browser to display when a website isn’t secure with a big, scary, red NOT SECURE in the address bar.

Then everyone else followed suit.

So, here’s 4 really good reasons to make the switch over to HTTPS…

1. Increased user confidence

Basically that big, scary, red NOT SECURE sign in the address bar makes people freak out and think someone is stealing their data. Displaying the SECURE just puts users minds at ease, whether you’re collecting data that can be stolen or not.

3. Improved security

Did you know there’s a cyber attack every 40 seconds, and just under 50% of cyber attacks target small business! HTTPS protects your information and your users’ information from hackers, and creates a safer online experience for everyone.

2. Better Google rankings

Good old Google, making everyone work harder for that elusive first page search result. Since making the change to their browser setup, their ranking algorithm favours secure sites. So, if you want good SEO, you need a secure site.

4. It’s the future of the web

HTTPS is a key component to online app experiences and permission workflows. This means that all new technology being developed for online uses HTTPS as a basis. So basically, you’re going to have to update to HTTPS eventually.

So, now that you're clear...

…And you understand what HTTPS is and how it benefits you, you’re asking ‘How do I make the switch?’ That’s where we make it super easy for you. Just get in touch on the details below and we can advise the best solution.