Blog_1Graphic Designers don’t wear suits.
Ever. If you make a graphic designer wear a suit they’re rendered useless as it cuts off the circulation to their creative side and they instantly become a very good admin assistant (not that there’s anything wrong with admin assistants).


Blog_2We don’t use Microsoft.
For anything.
Unless we have to. Like when we have to test a website or read a creative brief (which surprisingly doesn’t happen very often…), but even then it burns our fingers as we type and requires bathing straight after.


Blog_3No, really.
We don’t use Microsoft Word… Especially for designing logos.



Blog_4We don’t want to work for free.

No matter how amazing your idea is and how much you promise us it’s going to make you once it’s launched.


Blog_5We don’t want to ‘just put something together in our spare time’.

Our spare time is spent much like yours, hanging out with friends and family, drinking a lot and watching Game Of Thrones.


Blog_6If you want us to create something for you, you have to give us some of information about it.

For example, if you want a logo for your new company, you have to tell us the name of your new company, and what your new company does.


Blog_7Every time someone uses Comic Sans, a graphic designer loses their wings.
And we need our wings. So don’t use Comic Sans.


Blog_8When we say it will take 3 days, it will take 3 days.

We’ll get back to you in 3 days with something amazing that you will love.



Blog_9We love fonts.
You scan Facebook, we scan Typekit. At one stage we may make you watch a documentary on Helvetica.


Blog_10We are always right about how things should look.
Don’t ask our opinion about an outfit, or a piece of furniture, or how anything in general looks, unless you want references to pantones, rules of aesthetics and a lecture on the Bauhaus movement.



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